Ensuring Integrity 
and Responsibility

Ethics training is your compass for navigating the complexities of ethical decision-making within corporate, social, and legal landscapes. From the importance of ethics in personal and organization settings to how you can represent to others that you have taken ethical training, ArrowHead's ethics training—patterned after Dr. Nesbitt’s increasingly heralded Stanford University course “The Ethical Analyst.”—covers a range of critical subsets, rendering you and your company ethically aware while reducing liability.

altEnsuring Integrity 
and Responsibility


  • 01

    The Three “Olympic Rings of Ethics”

  • 02

    Ethical Theories & Approaches

  • 03

    Ethical Breaches

  • 04

    Ethical Code of Action

What are the "Three Olympic Rings of Ethics"? In the course of our ethical analysis, we teach that it is essential to classify actions accord­ing to whether they are prudential, legal, and/or ethical. An action is prudential if the act is in a person's self ­interest, whereas an action is legal or illegal according to whether it is legally required or proscribed. However, law is inherently coercive. Conversely, an action can be seen as ethical if it is right, regardless of whether it is legal or prudential. During this course we carefully distinguishes the three.

How do you think about what is ethical? Our training program seeks to provide participants with a clear and actionable understanding of the 7 major theories &/or approaches to ethics, including Nihilism, Relativism, Consequentialism, Coercion, Action-based ethics and more.

What is the "Ethics Pentagon"? There are exactly five actions that are intrinsically unethical - and all unethical decisions are comprised of one or more of these five actions. We'll examine what ethical breaches are, how to identify a breach of ethics and how to avoid these breaches in the future.

You will write a code of ethical behaviour, your personal ethical code. It will be outlined and reviewed by the training staff by the end of the first session. A final draft will be submitted and graded in the final session. All ethical codes themselves and all grades are confidential between the individual and the training staff (not the company nor other attendees).

Our Ethics Training Program

Choosing ArrowHead for your ethics training is a smart, cost-effective, and strategic decision that empowers businesses like yours with a deep understanding of ethical standards and the practical skills needed to implement them seamlessly into your daily operations. It demonstrates your commitment not to make unethical decisions or engage in unethical behavior from top to bottom in your organization.


1 Week Course

Split to accommodate your schedule & availability


2 Modules

Designed to focus on your most pressing needs

In Class

30 Hours of Lecture Time

Can't join? Live sessions are recorded so you can watch or re-watch on your time.

At Home

4 Hours Independent Study

Retain information more thoroughly through guided independent study.


Course Material Provided

Follow along with our comprehensive course material package—yours to keep and refer back to.


Certificate upon Completion

Demonstrable proof of your grasp of our various training programs.

Benefits of Ethics Training


Clear Boundaries

Ethics training creates clear boundaries for demonstrably ethical behavior. Clarity reduces the risk of ethical lapses and minimizes conflicts within your organization. It minimizes the chances the company will be accused of unethical decisions because you will know what they are and how to avoid them.


Conflict Resolution

Pinpointing ethical disagreements becomes more manageable when everyone understands the principles at play. Ethics training, whether in-person or online, equips your team with the tools to navigate and resolve disputes effectively.


Legal Compliance

By aligning with ethical standards, you usually gravitate toward legal compliance, but that is not always true. You need to distinguish legal and ethical and of course hope (and know) when they are the same. If you can demonstrate that a decision or action is ethical, and that you have taken the time and effort to train your people to know what is ethical versus unethical, you can be recognized as having trained your people in ethics and done the maximum you can to ensure that they and the company never make unethical decisions or take unethical actions. That could go a long way toward ensuring against ethical as well as legal culpability. What better insurance is there than training all your people in ethical behavior?


Enhanced Reputation

Ethical business practices improve your reputation in the eyes of clients, customers, and partners. Trust is the currency of business, and ethical conduct is its foundation.


Meet Your Professor

Dr. Dale Nesbitt

With over four decades of experience in economic modeling, probability modeling, decision analysis, ethics, and research, as well as an educator, Dr. Dale Nesbitt has left an indelible mark on each. He has led ArrowHead (and his predecessor companies) to numerous successful economic modeling, decision analysis, probabilistic modeling, and ethics engagements, creating billions of dollars worth of value. He has been teaching as an Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford (Management Science and Engineering), and he now brings his expertise directly to you and your team.


CEO, ArrowHead

Dr. Dale Nesbitt

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