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ArrowHead brings over four decades of experience in crafting microeconomics-based, proprietary modeling software, delivering analytics- and data-driven solutions tailored to your needs. We offer a versatile suite of “out of the box” models and custom-tailored solutions designed with meticulous precision and bolstered by our unwavering commitment to accuracy, transparency, and confidentiality. Regardless of which of our products you license, partnering with ArrowHead means you get robust training and ongoing IT, ensuring a seamless and efficient path to getting results, insights, benefits, and detailed, fundamental market intelligence. Through our meticulous analytics and powerful data, we provide dependable forecasts and pinpoint trends, underscoring our commitment to precise insights and accuracy.

With a few decades of hands-on experience, ArrowHead's seasoned consultants are well-equipped to skillfully guide your organization through the intricate landscape of changing market and industry regulations and structures. Whether you require outsourced economic and statistical analysis, strategic decision support, ethical evaluations, or expert testimony, we stand ready to assist you in updating & fine-tuning your enterprise for peak profitability and efficiency.

ArrowHead offers comprehensive training in three essential domains: probability, economics, and ethics. Our Probability course equips professionals with a foundational grasp of probability theory, enabling precise risk assessment, outcome forecasting, and strategy optimization. The Economics training empowers companies to master economic analysis and strategic applications in ever-evolving market and regulatory landscapes. Our Ethics training—patterned after Dr. Nesbitt’s increasingly popular Stanford University course “The Ethical Analyst.”—navigates the complexities of ethical decision-making, fostering ethical awareness and mitigating liability for both individuals and organizations.

A cornerstone of our approach is an agility that empowers us to quickly respond to and distill the ever-evolving market landscape. This, coupled with an uncompromising approach to confidentiality, ensures our clients not only receive real-time insights, but also the peace of mind that their sensitive information is rigorously protected. Yet, it is our unwavering dedication to accuracy that truly defines us. Through our meticulous analytics and powerful data, we provide dependable forecasts and pinpoint trends, underscoring our commitment to precise insights and understanding.

The ArrowHead Difference


Over 40 years of proven modeling software with a peerless success record.


Bringing you better service & senior-level consultants at rates that compete with less experienced firms.

Accurate, Transparent & Confidential

We stand behind our model, and have earned the trust of our clients through our unwavering commitment to security and accuracy.


We offer a seamless integration to get you experiencing the benefits of our services fast, without disrupting your operation.

Tailored Solutions

When required, our models can be custom-designed from scratch to ensure they address your unique requirements.


We are continually learning, revising, and adopting the latest technological advances to bring you the best available data analysis.

Where We Specialize

From staple industries like fossil fuels, mining, and manufacturing, to emerging renewables and potential future commodities like water, we analyze commodity markets through a microeconomic lens to bring you a complete picture of market conditions and trends.

Empower your business decisions today.

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