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ArrowHead goes above and beyond in its commitment to green energy modeling solutions, guiding clients through a tailored process that demystifies the complexities of the renewable power & environmental sectors, enabling them to proactively address industry-specific issues affecting their operations and investments.

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A Comprehensive View of the Green Energy Sector

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    Valuation & Profitability

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    Market Price & Issue Assessment

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    Asset Development & Financing

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    Trading Risk & Hedging

In both traditional and green energy (or a mixture of the two), an accurate, market-based valuation is pivotal. Companies need to know the fundamentals-based, mark to market value of each and every asset in their system, and we give it uniquely and in spades using our market- and data-driven approach. When we systematically apply a price-based asset valuation procedure to every individual asset in your organization and then roll them up into the company’s profit-derived market value, we obtain for our clients a value they get by just holding and operating their assets. Any construction or sale of assets or stock must exceed that number. Additional intangibles such as good will or lines of business can be added later, and they can only augment that valuation. ArrowHead has accurate valuation down pat.

In the dynamic landscape of the green energy sector, market events continually influence prices, capacities, and investments, all shrouded in inherent uncertainty. ArrowHead begins with deterministic scenarios that calculate the richness of temporal and system issues as they affect prices and in turn green sources. For those who need it, ArrowHead can associate probabilities with scenarios and thereby compute probability distributions.

Developing new projects in the green energy sector is a forward-looking endeavor that requires a comprehensive assessment of the evolving market dynamics in the renewable energy landscape after the infrastructure is operational. Crucially, the process entails quantifying the potential profitability of various green energy projects, factoring in diverse market drivers and assumptions related to sustainability and environmental impact. This evaluation serves as the catalyst for deciding whether to proceed with a green energy project and identifying the most environmentally friendly and economically viable development options aligned with sustainability goals and business objectives.

In the dynamic green energy sector, trading carries inherent risks as companies navigate price fluctuations in renewable resources. Success hinges on having a precise, data-driven understanding of market prices and their driving factors. The ArrowHead models, specifically designed for this sector, accurately represent interdependent price probabilities, empowering companies to make informed decisions, from contracting to hedging, by providing correlated commodity price and quantity distributions, revealing the true extent of price dependency and risk. Our transparent, analytics-driven approach ensures confident decision-making, crucial in the competitive green energy market.

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