ArrowHead's dedication to mining modeling solutions transcends the ordinary scope of techniques, offering clients a unique perspective on the industry's challenges and how these challenges can shape the future of their enterprises.


A Comprehensive View of the Mining Sector

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    Valuation & Profitability

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    Market Price & Issue Assessment

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    Asset Development & Financing

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    Trading Risk & Hedging

ArrowHead employs a precise market-based valuation approach in the mining industry, assessing each asset at its accurate forward market price. The company's overall worth is determined by aggregating these asset valuations, constituting its fundamental value. This rigorous bottom-up, market-driven methodology complements traditional metrics like comparable company analysis, income multiples, and intangible asset assessments. For those who want it, our innovative approach is able to incorporate probabilistic calculations, offering joint probability distributions for individual and collective asset values, recognizing the complexity of such evaluations, and ensuring maximum accuracy in the assessment process.

In the mining sector, market dynamics are influenced by a number of economic, environmental, technological, access, market, and other events. It is essential for companies to understand how these events affect their investment, operation, and retirement decisions, production levels, and forward prices as they unfold. ArrowHead consultants employ specialized models of various industries to compute spatially distributed and temporally forward estimates of prices, quantities, and capacities to guide their mining and processing related decisions.Whether utilizing their own or our assumptions, these models can be easily adjusted to account for specific market conditions or events. With ArrowHead, you can make spatial and temporal calculations that span ever supply chain and every element thereof for a single scenario. Assigning probabilities to each scenario and thereafter weighting each scenario appropriately, you can develop a probability distribution over key market outcomes, providing an integrated and accurate representation of market behavior while addressing the pertinent questions and issues faced by the mining industry.

The process of developing new mining projects necessitates a comprehensive analysis of the market forces that will impact the mining sector once the assets are operational. Mining asset development and financing entail evaluating the potential profitability of various projects, considering all the important market drivers and prices as well as all the project capital costs, variable costs, wastes, and losses. This evaluation serves as the foundation for gauging project feasibility and determining whether your project, if significant in size, will depress local prices on its way to market and compromise its own profitability, i.e. overrun the local market. It will also help projects truly understand access to market constraint in order to prevent overrunning any markets as you direct products toward larger markets out in the world which we can use the models to quantify.

In the mining sector, as with any other, trading is inherently risky. Companies bet on price movements when buying and selling assets, and these decisions rely on precise probability distributions for market prices and critical factors. To consistently succeed, investors need accurate insights into price interdependencies and correlations. Effective hedging decisions, from contracts to options, demand industry-leading comprehension of future prices and quantities. Our consultants use our models to provide correlated probability distributions, helping clients understand their price dependencies and mitigate risks. Our transparent methodology instills confidence in trading and hedging choices, enabling informed decisions in this volatile industry.

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